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Portable Protection at School and Play

Helps Kill Germs and Protect Against Colds and Flu​

Helps Clean All surfaces
Minimal Contact Time
Portable and Pocket-sized
Convenient and Easy to Use
Safe and Residue-Free

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Portable Protection
at School and Play

Helps Kill Germs and Protect Against Colds and Flu​

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

  • Helps Clean All Surfaces
  • Minimal Contact Time
  • Portable and Pocket-sized
  • Convenient and Easy to Use
  • Safe and Residue-Free

Clean Everything Everywhere!

This breakthrough personal misting device helps to quickly and effectively eliminate microbes on all surfaces – keeping your kids' hands clean and germ-free at school

The GERMIEST Surfaces in School

On average, students come in contact with about 152,300 germs while they’re at school, leaving them more susceptible to colds and the flu ₍₎. The most common germ-infested surfaces identified were water fountains, cafeteria trays, and even faucets ₍₎. While frequent hand washing may help, it may not be enough to keep colds and flu at bay.

Water Fountains


Cafeteria Trays

Toilet Seats


Student Hand



The Immuno 2.0 is a compact and convenient personal ultrasonic sprayer that can help to quickly clean all surfaces before your children touch them: in classrooms, bathrooms, cafeterias, gyms, and more. Best of all, this solution is residue-free and non-toxic, making it safe for kids, pets, and the environment.

Since its release, the Immuno 2.0 together with the VirusProtect+ Concentrate has been gaining global attention as the most powerful efficient portable protection device on the market.


REG. No. 86054-1 EPA EST. 85158-BEL-001

The Secret is in the Mist

Powered by ultrasonic vibrating technology, this compact device helps to thoroughly mist and clean every surface to aid in minimizing the spread of germs, colds and the flu.

Ultrasonic Mist

Fine misting for thorough
cleaning of surfaces


Portable size for easy and
on-the-go misting

Helps Kill Microbes

Aids in eliminating germs
with minimal contact time

Works for All Surfaces

Can be used on wood, plastic, metal, and fabric


Eco-friendly and safe formulation for kids and even pets

1-Hour Duration

60 x 1 minute uses to last
the entire day

How it Works: The Science

How It Works

The VirusProtect+ Concentrate is a powerful solution that reacts rapidly via oxidation to help provide effective impact against germs, bacteria, fungi, algae, and some parasitic microorganisms ₍₎.

It works by targeting key amino acids found in the protein wall of microorganisms ₍₎, some of which are: cysteine, methionine, tyrosine, and tryptophan. This disables the microbe’s ability to penetrate another cell ₍₎, which renders them incapable of mutating or reproducing, and consequently eliminates them altogether ₍₎. Additionally, because those amino acids play a crucial role in all living systems, including microbes, it is not possible for any microbe to develop a resistance against this formula ₍₎.

Our Safe Formulation

There have also been studies that show how most popular cleaners have been related to the development of adverse health effects, including respiratory conditions and asthma ₍₎, blindness ₍₎, skin issues ₍₉, ₁₀₎ and even infertility ₍₁₁₎ and cancer ₍₁₂₎. Compared to other common household cleaners, VirusProtect+ is a cleaner and safer alternative. It rapidly breaks down into harmless water, oxygen and common table salt when exposed to sunlight ₍₁₃₎; additionally, it does not produce harmful residues or byproducts ₍₁₄₎, making it very safe for humans, animals, and the environment.

How To Use

Step 1: Add Concentrate

Twist and pull up cap to remove. Measure 1.5mL of Concentrate and pour into the Immuno 2.0.

Step 2: Add Water

Add water to the fill line or until full (approximately 13.5mL). Replace cap and twist to close.

Step 3: Get Protection

Slide down button to turn on, and slide up button to turn off. When activated, the Immuno 2.0 will show a blue light.

Money Back Guarantee

What if this product isn’t for you? Don’t worry! If for some reason you don’t love Medimmune Health, we include every purchase with a 30-Day no questions asked money-back guarantee.

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What you get:

• 1 Immuno 2.0 Portable Personal Sprayer (15mL Capacity)
• 1 bottle of Concentrate (4oz)

Have a Question? See Our FAQs

The Immuno 2.0 Portable Personal Sprayer was developed to provide added protection whenever and wherever you go. This convenient device works best when paired with the VirusProtect+ Concentrate that can help to safely and effectively eliminate germs and bacteria.

The VirusProtect+ Concentrate is registered with the EPA with the ability to help eliminate all forms of microbial life including germs, fungi, and all forms of bacteria and their spores. To date, no organism has proven resistant to VirusProtect+.

The Immuno 2.0 conveniently fits in your pocket and lets you quickly mist and helps clean all outdoor surfaces:

• Groceries, malls, supplies, packages
• Doorknobs, ATMs, credit cards, elevator buttons
• Car door handles, gas pump handles, bus seats
• And much more

Yes. The Immuno 2.0 is powered by a lithium rechargeable battery that can be recharged with the cable included with every unit.

Yes. We’ve worked extensively with scientists and specialists of TwinOxide in developing the MedImmune Health product line. It can help to effectively kill germs and bacteria while also being safe to use even around kids, pets, and the environment.

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