Can I make Chlorine Dioxide myself?

No. The blending of Virus Protect+ / Chlorine Dioxide requires specialized equipment, instrumentation, chemical blending tanks, safety certifications and a precise process. For your safety, we do not recommend creating your own Chlorine Dioxide or any other disinfectants.

Will Virus Protect+ kill viruses if I drink it?

While Chlorine Dioxide has been used for drinking water treatment, under no circumstance should you ingest it directly. Our products are non-toxic and safe to use as air, surface, or food disinfectants, but these claims apply for external use only. Under no circumstances must you use Virus Protect+ products other than as instructed.

What if Virus Protect+ gets on my food?

MedImmune Health Virus Protect+ is certified as a spray-on, leave on food additive and approved for use as a primary disinfectant in purification of drinking water. Washing produce with Virus Protect+ removes dirt, pesticides, handling residue and other impurities, and extends the shelf life of the produce you have at home.

What happens if it accidentally gets in my mouth?

Virus Protect+ should not cause any adverse reactions for humans or animals if accidentally ingested.

What happens if it accidentally gets in my eyes or skin?

Virus Protect+ is hypo-allergenic, and should not cause any adverse reactions for humans or animals if accidentally inhaled, or sprayed on the skin or eyes. If irritation does occur, rinse eyes with water for several minutes.

How does MedImmune Health Virus Protect+ compare to other common disinfectants?

Virus Protect+ delivers a faster speed of kill, leaves no residue, and does not require post-application wiping. It provides more disinfection and sanitation efficacy with less chemistry and ingredients, which provides greater safety. Furthermore, Chlorine Dioxide is eco-friendly and does not produce hazardous by-products that can harm the environment.

Will Virus Protect+ leave an odor after applying to a surface?

No. Virus Protect+ will not leave residual odors to surfaces after application.

Does Virus Protect+ harm any equipment, chairs, or other surfaces? Will it discolor clothing? Will it damage equipment or metal?

No. Virus Protect+ will not discolor clothing or fabric like other bleach disinfectant products. It works for both hard surfaces and soft surfaces, including hard-to-clean fabrics like carpets, pillows, sheets, curtains, shoes, and more. However, we recommend testing any fabric for colorfastness to ensure there is no risk of bleaching. Furthermore, Virus Protect+ is safe to use on all surfaces. It is non-corrosive nor destructive to metals, plastics, wood, and other surfaces.

Do you have to wipe off Virus Protect+ after applying?

No. Virus Protect+ does not leave any residues, is non-corrosive nor destructive to surfaces, and is safe to apply without having to wipe off. Just ensure the surface is completely dry before use. However, should you prefer to wipe it off after application, be sure to let it sit for 5-10 minutes before wiping to ensure a complete kill of all contaminants on the surface.

Is it flammable?

No. In solution form, Virus Protect+ is non-flammable. For safety reasons, MedImmune Health only provides a ready-to-use solution to avoid any safety risks to the public. However, prolonged contact with flame or heat may reduce its effectiveness. Therefore, we recommend storing Virus Protect+ products in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.
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